Habitat Pruning

Minimising Risk and Maintaining Biodiversity

Arbortech Tree Services is instrumental in bringing habitat pruning to SA.

The tree in Barrans Reserve, Mitcham (see right) was posing a risk to the public. After the Arbortech team had finished, the risk was greatly reduced, while habitat & biodiversity values were enhanced. Birds moved in immediately after the tree was completed. For further information click on the ‘Habitat pruning in trees’ link opposite.

Arbortech arborists have been working on new methods of habitat creation. Inevitably some trees can become an unacceptable risk to their owners or the public. Where circumstances permit and if the tree is the right size, species and in the right setting, we are able to modify the existing structure to minimise risk and at the same time enhance the value of the tree to the ecology and biodiversity of the local area. This is clearly a ‘win win’ situation for all concerned.

Using information gathered from a wide range of sources, as well as local knowledge and experience we create suitable hollows throughout the tree, forming a unique structure with maximised habitat value.