Arborist Services

Pest and disease management advice

There is an ever increasing range of pests and diseases affecting our trees, including new problems that emerge all too frequently. Some are largely aesthetic, some can be detrimental to tree health or stability and some are economic, affecting crops, horticulture or forestry.

In the vast majority of cases trees and other plants are predisposed to attack by pests and diseases as a consequence of underlying health problems relating to their suitability for the location, the quality of the growing conditions or other growth limiting factors like climate change.

Improving the growing conditions through the use of mulch, better irrigation practices, the use of soil amendments or other site improvements can in some cases reduce the incidence of pests and disease to an acceptable level, without the need for chemical treatments. Our qualified and experienced Arborists can advise you on the best approach to manage your tree and any queries or issues you may have.