Tree Pruning - Bushfire fuel reduction

Bushfire fuel reduction

Bushfires pose an ever-present threat in many parts of Australia. Careful management of the fuel load around properties or other important assets can reduce the risk of loss.

Management of the fuel load and threat posed by fire takes many forms.

  • Tree removal - Some trees may need to be removed where they are in inappropriate locations or species that are not bushfire resistant. It is important to seek advice regarding the suitability of trees and shrubs from around your property by qualified professionals. Some trees can help to protect properties by shielding and directing the fire front around buildings or other valuable areas. Removing trees can make properties more vulnerable to fire in some situations.
  • Tree pruning - Trees and branches overhanging buildings or valuable structures can direct large amounts of burning materials onto roofs during a fire. Ideally branches would not overhang important assets. Ideal clearances are not always possible for a wide range of reasons. In some cases trees will be considered important assets worth managing. Careful assessment of clearance pruning requirements and management of trees and tree crowns by qualified arborists is essential to preserve benefits and tree health, as well as minimising the impacts of fire.
  • Clean-up – All types of flammable fuel on the ground around trees and buildings may feed fire up into tree crowns or increase the chance the building will catch fire. Management of ground fuels is an important component of passive fire protection measures. Annual checks on clean-up requirements is needed to reduce the likelihood of adverse outcomes during bushfires.