Storm damaged trees

Having a limb failure in your tree can be a distressing event, but aesthetic changes to the canopy are not always where the issue ends. A number of secondary problems resulting from even a small or partial limb failure can quickly escalate into more severe consequences for your tree.

One of the often overlooked aspects of storm damage is how it will affect the remainder of the tree. When a limb fails it creates a hole in the canopy, and the way the wind moves through the crown changes. Branch strength is developed through movement, so the way a limb usually moves determines the location and strength of reaction wood that develops to support the branch. When the direction or intensity of the wind changes after a limb failure, it can significantly increase the likelihood of further limb failures in and around the area.

Having your trees inspected and pruned by one of our qualified Arborists after a storm event can help resolve further problems before they develop. However, having your trees regularly checked can identify and address issues before a limb failure occurs.