Tree Pruning

About Our Pruning Services

Tree pruning is one of the primary roles of arborists involving a wide variety of skills and equipment. Pruning is important work and addresses tree risks, tree form, tree function, tree health and longevity. The standard of work should conform to the Australian Standard, AS 4373 2007 ‘Pruning of amenity trees’

This standard is necessary to minimise adverse or negative impacts of pruning on trees and to define uniform pruning procedures and practices.

Trees are long lived organisms. The effect of poor quality or inappropriate pruning on tree health, visual qualities or structure and risk can last for decades.

Pruning should be carried out by arborists or tree workers who are familiar with the principles, techniques and hazards of this work. Suitable qualifications for arborists performing the tasks required by AS 4373 are AQF level 3 Arboriculture or above, or equivalent recognized and relevant experience.

There are three primary classes of tree pruning. These classes of pruning may be applied individually, or in combination depending on tree form and your requirements.

* The management of trees to enhance habitat & biodiversity values, the pruning of fruit trees, hedging/topiary/bonsai etc and root pruning are not covered by AS 4373.

Crown maintenance pruning

Crown maintenance pruning does not change the size or appearance of trees. It aims to work with the natural form of your tree and includes the removal of dead branches, thinning of the crown, formative pruning or selective removal of specific branches.

Crown Modification

Crown modification changes the size and or form of the tree. It includes reduction pruning, crown lifting, pollarding, remedial or restorative pruning and line clearance.

Reduction pruning is most often applied to reduce the likelihood of branch failure or minimise overhang, often in combination with crown lifting for risk reduction.

Habitat & environmental pruning

Arboriculture is more than just about trees. The trees are part of the urban forest, providing a wide range of environmental and societal benefits and values.

Our arborists are trained to actively preserve these values and benefits whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.

Habitat pruning is a specialized area of expertise. Arbortech is a leader in this field.