Our Champions & Equipment

Tree Climbing Champions

Arbortech has supported Arboriculture and the development of tree climbing in our state since the very first South Australian tree climbing competition in 1999.

We are proud to have many competitors and winners that have trained in our ranks, both past and present.

The following are some of those that gave their time and tasted success, learning a great deal along the way.

1999 Michael Palamountain. 2nd STCC
Justin Selway. 3rd STCC
2001  Michael Palamountain. 3rd STCC
2002  Michael Ramsden 8th STCC
Shane Selway. 11th STCC
2004  Shane Selway. 4th STCC

Shane Selway. State Champion STCC
Lee McCormick 9th STCC
Matthew Lyon 17th STCC
Blair Hope 19th STCC

2007 Shane Selway. 2nd STCC
2009 Lee McCormick 4th STCC
Michael Potts 12th STCC
2010 Lee McCormick 28th ISAATCC
2014 Michael Potts - Winner preliminary rounds STCC.
3rd in the final
(Masters Challenge)

Machinery & Equipment:

Arbortech has a comprehensive range of specialist tools and machinery to assist us with the management of your trees, including;

  • 12" & 9" Chipping machines
  • Wide variety of tipper trucks & utilities
  • Elevated work platforms
  • Large and small stump grinding machines
  • Air spades and attachments
  • Spray tanks and soil injection equipment
  • Resistograph, sounding hammers and other testing equipment
  • Wood splitting machine for recycling

Our latest piece of equipment is 2014 Avant 635 articulated loader with numerous attachments.